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We’re a private food buying club that makes it easy to purchase healthy food from local farmers in SWFL.

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Sourcing fresh food from local farmers who you can trust.

Save Time

Skip the farmer’s market and add items to your cart from a variety of local farms in just minutes. We’ll have it ready for you at pick-up or deliver straight to your door!

Save Money

As a club, we use our collective purchasing power to negotiate wholesale prices on top quality produce, meat, eggs, & more.

Build Community

Vote with your spending and keep your dollars right here in SWFL. Together we can build a strong and resilient food economy.

Meet Our Local Farmers

Cypress Creek Farm & Ranch

Organic Pastured Poultry & Eggs

12 Seasons Farm

Organic Vegetables & Fruit

Blue Head Ranch

Grass-fed Beef

Oikos FBC is a private club made up of individuals and families who, like you, value sound nutrition and health.

As a club, we use our collective buying power to negotiate wholesale prices from local farms and national distributors for items that are not available locally. We combine these local farm’s offerings into one convenient and seamless shopping experience. We then receive the delivery for the club, sort orders, and bring it to one of our convenient pick-up locations.

Wholesale prices, local farms
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Cypress Creek Farm & Ranch

Cypress Creek Farms and Ranch is a small farm settled in the heart of Alva, FL. We are a family of 7 who began raising chickens for eggs and meat, and a small garden to provide ourselves with safe, fresh meals . Farming has become our passion and enjoyment. As we continue to grow, our hope is to help our community put REAL and FRESH food grown/raised with love on their tables. No herbicides, pesticides, or any other poison is ever used on the farm! The chickens are fed Purina Organic crumbles, fresh garden vegis (the bug eaten ones), and whatever is in the pasture- grass, bugs, grit. We hope our farm fresh food will bless your family, as it has ours.

12 Seasons Farm

When we started out on this journey to farm full time just over a decade ago, we had no idea the direction the farm would take. My job situation had changed during my 2 year masters program in Thailand and Germany (2010-2012) and we were faced with a decision when we were heading back to the States. We were pregnant with our first child, Simeon. We had paid off the farm but only had a few thousand dollars to our name as we were starting to the sell the citrus crop that fall of 2011. When discussing whether to find employment elsewhere, I remember Vicki stating, “We have the farm and each otherwe have all that we need.” She wisely said let’s go all in for 5 yearsany money that was made and every significant decision will be an investment into the farm. And that is what we did and have not looked back.

To make matters more challenging, we were starting to experience the first significant impacts of citrus greening disease on tree health and yield back in 2011. This occurred at the same time we also wanted to transition the farm to organic practices which was against conventional wisdom. We were already leaning towards growing organically, but after long discussions, research, and wanting our child (and now children) to be able to eat the dirt under the trees without consequence, we began to drop the conventional sprays on the citrus trees and opted for a nutritional approach to deal with citrus greening disease.

We knew the citrus income could not sustain our family and so we started with strawberries using an inheritance check from my Grandma Krueger that was enough to buy the original plants in the fall of 2012. My grandma loved strawberries and that first strawberry season was a success! With the generous help of so many friends we began to diversify and the following season we added tomatoes which then led to a host of other vegetables. It was not an easy transition to full time fruit and vegetable farming, but as my wife Vicki often says, the best things in life usually take work. We also know that whatever success we experience is not without the generous and big hearted support of so many friends and family and faithful customers. We are grateful to those who have hung with us this last decade. It has been an intensely full and remarkable journey!

Blue Head Ranch

A 31,000 acre grass-fed cattle ranch in South Florida known in pioneer times as the 90 Mile Prairie. It was important to convey the ranch’s mission: restoring the rangeland to the level of ecological health that existed before modern agricultural management practices became the norm. The ranch features 6,000 head of Florida Cracker cattle and 40 saddle horses utilizing a planned grazing pattern that mimics the migratory activity of wild ungulates. Blue Head Ranch never uses herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or grain-based supplemental feeds, so it’s as organic as it gets.

Watch a short video overview of Blue Head Ranch here.